Friday, November 11, 2011



My step-grandfather:
  Private Walter Daniel, Quebec Regiment 841200, 42nd Batallion, killed in France, interred Barlin Communal Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France, B: April 24, 1883 - D: February 23, 1918.

My father:
Major John Gillies Rennie, Canadian Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment), BAOR, wounded in Germany, B: November 14, 1904 - D: February 13, 1952

My step-father:
Sergeant Reginald Walter Daniel, Canadian Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment), wounded in France, B. September 6, 1914 - D: May 25, 1994

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besshaile said...

Yes. It is good to remember. My prayer is that no new generations will have to be remembered on Veteran's Day. That we would set aside warfare and find another way to settle our differences. Because that's always a prayer worth whispering.
Hugs to you