Monday, November 14, 2011

Colour Play

Activity 1 of Module 5 in my C&G had me doing a wee colour study of one of the objects I put in My Box of Things 'way back in Activity 1, Module 1.  You can see clearly that the objects I selected were largely monochromatic.  How then, to do a colour study?!

I selected the only item with more than one colour to it: the silk eyeglass case left me by my mother, which I now use to hold pencils etc. in my sewing kit.

I came up with a study, stitched into my sketchbook -- a combination of hand-dyed and commercial cottons --  that looked like this:

For Activity 2, it was time to play with the colours, to translate them into patterns for a mosaic patchwork project.  Here are my three samples, done in watercolour:



  Which one would you translate into fabric?  ;-)  Stay tuned!

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Gina said...

I vote sample 3.