Saturday, September 03, 2011

The Happiness Project

Last week, I ate The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.  I couldn't absorb it fast enough.  I had to 'read, mark, learn and inwardly digest' it.

I'd borrowed it from the library, so I couldn't do make my usual margin notes, add my usual sticky notes to bookmark pages I'd want to re-read.

I might just have to buy a copy, or maybe one of the kids will get it for my birthday (hint, hint). ;-)

Prior to Rubin's funny, honest, inspiring, down-to-earth narrative, I'd spent months chewing on The Divine Conspiracy  by Dallas Willard.  Weightier, perhaps, but for this purportedly-Christian reader, another  in-depth prod in the direction of Real Life.

For 2011, my Word of the Year is "Enough".  Unconsciously, both these books -- and others -- plus prayer, counsel, stumbling and getting up again, have served over the past 8 months to drive the point home:

  • It is ENOUGH;
  • You ARE enough;
  • Life IS enough.

And then, this morning, cruising through TED Talks (I've taken to listening to at least one a day, flipping through the speakers alphabetically and selecting topics that catch my attention), I found Brene Brown on Vulnerability.  I understand Dr. Brown.  She and I have a similar approach to life: it's messy, and we need to clean it up.  Problem is, sometimes the mess refuses to be cleaned up.  Been there.  Handled it by trying to escape, close my ears/eyes/mind/heart to it.  Refused to GO THERE again.  No risks = no pain, right?


When we numb vulnerability, we numb EVERYTHING, including HAPPINESS.

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Oh isn't she fabulous!? I just watched a bunch of her on PBS and it was very very good for my soul. Yes... thank you for the good reminder. : )

sewing in Saskatoon

Unknown said...

Thank you for these recommendations, Margaret, and the strong, wonderful word, Enough! We truly are.