Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Days 2

Not my actual car, but what mine looks like!
It's 8:40 a.m. I'm having another cup of coffee to warm up before I go out for Shovelling, Round II.  The first round lasted just under 20 minutes, and I cleared what had drifted in over my back sidewalk and driveway, where my neighbour had blown it out yesterday.  Then I started on the alley, as getting my wee Echo out of the alley would be a feat.

Strange how what is a short walk the other 3 seasons of the year is a Heavy Slog when one is shovelling snow.  About 1/2-way down to the street, my hands -- double-mittened -- became so cold and painful I had to stop.  They are now warm again, so I'm going to drink up and head out.  The road reports are good (even Hwy 50, usually considered Last and Definitely Least when it comes to plowing), so there's no reason not to get to town.  I need a good session of the rosary and some conversation around the knitting table -- but I must admit, after this shovelling, I don't think I need my swim class!

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