Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Days 2 - a Post-script

9:29 a.m.:  Well then.  I've given it the old college try.  Spent about another 10 minutes shovelling the last of the alley to the street, while the car was warming up.  Came in the house, fetched coffee, knitting bag/purse, swimming togs, indoor shoes, got back in the car.  Made it to the street, which was heavy with snow.  Found some wheel-wells in which I could drive -- to the corner, where it meets the Highway.  The Highway had, indeed, been plowed -- right across the entrance to it from the street.  Wheel wells had been made by only large trucks.  I tried anyway -- and had to back up for fear of getting stuck.  Put my flashers on; dug my emergency shovel out of the back of the car, and tried to shovel a path for my little car.  No dice; the graded snow (underneath the newly-fallen and recently-drifted snow) was too hard-packed.  Sigh.  I'm home.

When I looked in my bedroom Diesel, lounging on the bed, looked up as if to say, "Well?  Told you, didn't I?"  Smug!


Bee said...

Ohhhh! After all that work! I'm sorry! But I'm sure Diesel doesn't mind having you at home.

Judy Warner said...

Time to curl up with Diesel and knit! :)