Friday, October 29, 2010

With All Due Respect...

I'm still shaking my head.  Recently, a Facebook acquaintance (friendly, but not friends in the real definition of the word) sent out an invitation to me (along with others, I presume) to "Commit to Vote" on November 2 (US Election Day).  The following exchange occurred on her 'Wall':

Me: I am a Canadian. I can't vote in US elections; I don't have US citizenship. :-)

Her reply: But this is important! Try to vote anyway.
I'm thinkin':  Huh? 
Now, you need to know that there are US citizens living in Canada who vote in US elections.  I think they do it by mail, or by going to their nearest embassy or consulate...but I'm not really clear on this, as it's something I've never had to think about.
Aftermath:  In my next "Wall" post, I told her I do vote -- in Canadian elections.  I think it's important, even if sometimes I feel dis-enfranchised by the options from which I must choose on any given ballot! LOL!   
In fact, Alberta carries out municipal elections in October, every 3 years.  This year was my first opportunity since I'd moved out of Calgary, to vote in a rural election at this time.  One of my Calgary friends had commented that it was too bad I could no longer vote in the municipals -- and I was able to educate her.  Out here, all the towns and villages have elections for their governing bodies.  Those of us in rural areas -- including hamlets run by the County -- have County Councillors for whom we are asked to cast our vote.  I was canvassed by 3 of them -- only home to meet one of them -- and I voted, and the woman for whom I voted won the seat for our Division on the County Council.  Yay!  Now I'll watch to see how well she does with her new position...


Becky B said...

Thanks for the clarification about Canadian elections. I love to hear about how other systems work. We have a number of questions on our ballet here, most of which are totally absurd. I think I will vote for only one. We have 2 women running for governor which is a first! Enjoy your weekend. Becky in Tulsa

Linda A. Miller said...

Interesting dilemna...makes me wonder if people really read and understand their posts on FB?! I did my part and already voted by mail in CA.

besshaile said...

I'm sure I shouldn't be laughing at someone having missed out on her civics education .... but people really are funny, aren't they?

You were very kind to respond the way you did ... which doesn't surprise me.

Of course - I will be doing my civic part on Tuesday but I promise I shan't try to vote in Alberta. ;)