Sunday, October 24, 2010

I'll Be Darned!

My Sweet Daughter just bought her first single family home -- a cute 800-square-foot bungalow (with a finished basement)...and a garage that's almost another 800 square feet!  It's a bit older than I am -- and in almost as good shape!

I had the delight of working with her to do some prep work before she moved in yesterday,   Just a bit ago, I called her on her cell (the land line is not hooked up yet -- that's another story!)  -- and she immediately said, "I can't talk long, Mom; this is expensive!"  I replied, "But...I called you."

Apparently, long-distance rates on cell phones are exhorbitant, even if you didn't initiate the call.

Kind of puts a different spin on "Reach out and touch someone", doesn't it?

What I wanna know is, just who is laughing all the way to the bank?  Can I tell their kids how much it costs to keep in touch?  Their grand-kids?


Or....maybe not.  I can go back to snail mail.  Just think: pretty stationery, personal, hand-written notes in non-abbreviated language...perhaps kept under a pillow for prayers, or stuck in a scrapbook for remembrance, or collected, like my father's WWII letters...


Sara said...

That's too bad! That's one thing I love about cell phones in the states (most of them) - free long distance! So excited that Gina's in her house!

jude said...

try skype, internet calling, it is free if she has a computer.

Bee said...

Congratulations to your daughter on her new home!! Its darling from the photo!
Yes, cell phones can cost the caller and the recipient! When she gets a computer connection, Skype is definitely worth looking into. My family is spread out worldwide and we connect the whole family once a week for a conference call that is FREE for all of us with a great connection! We LOVE Skype!

Gina said...

The daughter speaks... I have actually considered Skype. My land line (now connected) has a pretty decent long-distance plan, such that I'm generally not even spending $5 a month to talk upwards of a couple hours! Still, $5/month x 12months a year... that's like one full phone(/net/TV) bill I could be saving!