Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's the Day Before the Day Before...

And I'm farther along than last week, but not as far along as I'd like to be. Can't post many photos, as the gifts are for people who read the blog. However, here's one that's not:

It's a cuff bracelet for my DS' girlfriend, J, made of navy felt, some wide ribbon, and 3 images of the Japanese symbol for love, printed on hand-made (not-by-me) paper. I've blanket-stitched black beads all around the edges, but one, which will be overlapped. Just have to sew on the fasteners -- et voila! I took the project idea from Thr3fold Journal #4 which I read through about 10 days ago now. I was smitten with the idea, and hope my thinks-she's-tough-but-is-really-sweet recipient likes it! Here's a detail of the beaded edge:

I've also finished a wee embroidered picture for my friend, B, who loves sheep. It's a "Bitty Buttons" design by Cathy Jean from The Victoria Sampler, that I bought when I was on the VS Retreat in October 2008. I just fell in love with it, and knew that someday I'd find someone special for whom to stitch it. :-)
I`ve done a bit of baking -- 2 cranberry loaves as gifts, and my annual "5-Minute Fudge". That's all I'm doing this year. It'll be only my DS and I for breakfast Christmas morning, and he's not fond of the cran loaf, so I'm not doing any for us. Maybe some muffins, instead...

I've finished a pair of boxer shorts for him (his 2nd annual); this year, they're out of black-and-grey material printed with Japanese characters, in keeping with his 'saving-for-a-trip-to-Japan' project. Now I'm working on a Christmas banner from a Laurel Burch panel I bought in Red Deer earlier this year, at Sew You Like 2 Quilt. I'm not a big fan of panels, but this one is so pretty, I couldn't resist! I'm quilting it simply, with a backing in a deep purple and gold geometric design.

As for my DD, I've finished up one gift, but may not complete the other until her birthday. We shall see how my time goes. I have yet to put up my tree and tidy up for company. The planned Hedgerow [Fingerless] Mitts for her and her brother have not materialized. I think I may have chosen wool that was too fine. I don't like at all how the first one for my DD turned out, and will be ripping it out. I am still working on one's for my DS, but they won't be ready for Christmas. I am making a better job of the pattern this time. The increases for the hand and thumb were just a bit tricky to keep in the pattern itself, and I muffed it in the one I made for my DD.

As for my step-sis...well, I've not finished her Verdigris fingerless gloves, either. Nothing's been accomplished since my last post; the one I have knit still awaits its thumb. My right arm and hand continue to be achy off and on, and that pattern just aggravates the condition, so I'm sticking to plain knitting with simple patterns and heavier yarn, interspersed with sewing, till the arm/hand feel they can handle the rest of that project!

This afternoon I'm off to B's to give her her little gift, and to visit both the Bashaw Library (a book I sent for is in) and Spoke 'n' Word, where I'm told K is having a pre-Christmas sale! Yes, I'll take DS' mitten with me, but how much will get knit is anyone's guess...

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