Monday, December 07, 2009

She'll Need More

than this too keep warm today. It's early yet (just after 5:30 a.m.) so it's supposed to "warm up" -- but right now it's -34C outside. And clear. And blessedly calm. The snow has settled in the frozen stillness as the storm moved south and east yesterday. I managed to drive a short distance to see my friend B; the toughest part was getting out of the alley and onto the unplowed street, in order to get to the plowed -- but not sanded (!) highway.

During my Snow Days I knit, spun, stitched, knit, spun, stitched, read, knit, spun...and cruised the 'net. I'm almost finished Sock #2 of a pair, and I c managed to finish this: The Pi Topper Chemo cap, designed by Corey Laflamme --
and a free pattern at I knit it from Elann's "Esprit", a lovely, soft cotton with a touch of elastic, that gets softer every time it's washed.

It's for my friend H, our hamlet's librarian, whose cancer has returned in a major way (not good). She is soldiering on, still doing 1 morning a week at the library, and I marvel at her tenacity. She was the first really friendly face I found when I moved here 14 months ago; something has 'clicked' between us, and though we are not bosom buddies, she feels comfortable enough with me to share her fears about her disease. Even if she'll need another hat on top of this one during this arctic insurgence, I hope she can enjoy the Topper for a good while yet...


margaret said...

Wow! I marvel at your bravery, I could never live someplace that cold! Even with all the wool I have in the stash I'd freeze!

Sorry about your friend, the chemo hat looks nice though and I'm sure she'll enjoy it.

ChelleC said...

I love that cute little hat. I tried to make it about a year ago, and I couldn't get the hat to work out. Maybe it was the yarn I used. It kept coming out way too large, even when I went down 2 needle sizes. Again, yours looks terrific. Maybe I'll try it again sometime in cotton.

Prayers to your friend and I'm sure she'll appreciate the lovely hat.

Cary ~ My Wool Mitten at Serenity Farms said...

Lovely hat and kind wishes for your friend.