Thursday, May 14, 2009

Planned to be Obsolete

Sigh. My two-and-a-half year-old bread-maker is having a problem. The parts that secure one of the bread-mixing paddles to the bread pan have come loose, and fall off during bread-making, with sometimes troublesome results -- such as incomplete mixing -- so that sometimes I end up with a full loaf, sometimes a 1/2 loaf, and sometimes just "cooked flour".

Sigh. I've hammered the piece back together 3 times now, and after yesterday's 1/2 loaf (I know; it's better than none!) thought I'd try to get it fixed. Dumb idea. I called the company's 1-800 number, and was advised that "we don't have those repair centres any more" and that I could buy a new part -- i.e., an entirely new bread pan, paddles and all for a mere $40.86 CAD, including shipping from Ontario. It'll be here within 10 days.


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Anonymous said...

i HATE it when things like this happen. i am not replacing anything anymore, unless i really have to (fridges and ewashing machines) little appliances i am going back to doing it by hand (dishwashers, breadmakers etc). it annoys me so much is it cheaper to buiy a new one than get them repaired, if repairing is even an option anymore