Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Catchin' Up with Photos

I've been knitting away -- and working in my yard/garden -- so haven't taken time to post. However, today is cloudy and cool, presenting the perfect opportunity to do a bit of desk-and-computer work.

First, to the pending garden -- AKA the sunny counter in my back room -- where the cherry tomatoes have been transplanted to larger pots and are growing apace!

Not to be outdone, so is the spaghetti squash, given to my by my friend, C, in exchange for a couple of the tomatoes once they are large enough. In fact, since I took this photo, the squash has developed buds that will soon want to bloom. I hope it'll hang on for another 3 weeks or so -- so that it will be warm enough to transplant it outdoors!

On the knitting front, I finished the April Mid-month washcloth -- April Showers -- and it has taken up residence in my kitchen. The May cloth, which I've just begun (this morning!) will follow suit, as I move away from disposable dishcloths. I knit this one in Bernat "Handicrafter Cotton" and really like its softness and absorbancy.

I managed to finish my Mitred Scarf in time for the Library's silent auction fund-raiser -- and I know that it sold, but not for how much. I'm a bit nervous to ask the librarian, too, as that seems...well...rather forward -- plus I don't think I really want to know if the price was low-balled! Darn it; I was certain I'd taken a photo of the finished article, but don't know where it is -- and my camera is empty. Sigh.... I guess that's all for now. Stayed tuned, though; there's more Work in Progress!


Bess said...

Oh you will have such fun at your fiber festival. Be prepared to be overwhelmed - for even a small fair can sweep you away.

57 sure does sometimes feel like the new 60 :D

Anonymous said...

hello! sorry Ive been a stranger. I have been growing tomatoe seedlings too - waiting for to cool down enough to plant!