Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Colonel and a Cat

Goodness! Life has been moving at the speed of light lately! I've managed to buy a home in a hamlet NE of here, to sell my house here (pending financing, which should be cleared by August 22), to keep working for my clients and the bookstore, having given notice all 'round that I'm leaving the last week in September, to start sifting, sorting and giving away S-T-U-F-F, to drive down to Lethbridge (3 hours south) to see my son on opening night of his latest venture, and to acquire a second cat, which will be delivered to me in Mirror after I move in.

Phew! Let me catch my breath, and show you what M looks like as Col. James Farqharson MacLeod of the NWMP: It was a torrid 32C that first evening, and in his red serge, he made me sweat just lookin' at him! The production was an interactive murder mystery that blended fiction with the history of Fort Whoop-up in those early prairie days. The script was a bit rough, but the audience loved it, and participated well in helping the Good Colonel to find out Whodunnit. A steamy time was had by all, with the Saloon doing a booming business in cold drinks!

When I got home, I found an e-mail from my daughter, G in Edmonton, telling me that one of her best friends, and hubby and baby, were moving to Nova Scotia. L and the baby were leaving momentarily, leaving hubby C to sell the house. But he travels a great deal in his work, so there'd be no-one to care for their cat.

Well. My Dear Fred isn't likely to look kindly on having a new 'step-brother', but once I move, that's exactly what's going to happen! As soon as I saw this photo of Diesel (yes, that's his name; his human dad is a mechanic!!), my heart melted, and Fred will just have to go along. Isn't that a great cat face?! Diesel is about 6 years old, neutered, and clawless on the front (came that way from the SPCA). My Dear Fred is the same -- but 3 times older. I figure Diesel will keep Fred young at heart, and that Fred will teach Diesel a thing or two about hanging on to all of his nine lives.

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Bess said...

Gal! You can go north from where you are?

Teasing actually - I found Mirror - it is smaller than Tappahannock! But I see they have a library - so you ought to be alright.

I hope there will be photographs soon.

happy moving.