Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dyeing Weekend

The Free Spirit Artisans' Second Annual Dyeing Weekend finished Sunday afternoon, with seven tired and happy women pleased with their results.

Being the knitter in the group, I had ordered 2 sock blanks from KnitPicks and saved them to dye on this special weekend.

I also dyed a lone skein of organic cotton I found in my stash (it's the blue-purple one on the right). Included in this photo are some cheesecloth and old little doilies I dyed to use for embellishments, and a hint of some of the fabric I dyed too.

I then cut two lengths of cotton off a skein, and dyed one red/fuschia and the other blue/green, for embroidery. The very blue stuff you see in this photo is the string dyed by happy accident as it was used to tie a Shibori-type piece around some PVC pipe (not shown).

This year I tried some stamping (geometrics) and stenciling (the gerbera daisy-like flowers). As expected, I did better with practice! In the left photo you can just see a bit of the silk that was my first stamping effort! (Note to self: make sure the dye isn't so drippy when you apply it to the stamp!)

The purple in this last photo is fabric I placed over a piece of plastic snow fence, painting the dye on with a sponge 'brush'. I think it's one of my very favourite pieces!

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Anonymous said...

looks like you had lots of fun!