Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Still stitching...

I am working on 2 'assignments' now: my ECQ block (Sharon B. at Joggles), enjoying silk ribbon embroidery more than I have in years past. Here's a wee look:

Then, at QU's "Curved Piecing Made Easy" class, Michelle is teaching me about designing and executing curves in fabric -- without fancy rulers. Here's my first sample (front and back):

Turns out it is not that difficult to do, but it is a bit fussy and time-consuming. So, easy perhaps, but not quick.

On the knitting front, I have turned the heel on my 1940s sock, have decreased for the instep, and am wending my way nicely down the foot. I've also managed to almost finish the second striped band on the mitred-afghan-with-striped-bands that I am making (the pattern is in the May-08 issue of Creative Knitting). In that same magazine is a ribbed cardi, knit in one piece to the armholes, that I am making out of a fabulous turquoise cotton-rayon blend that was donated to our church knitting group: "Caprice Fashion Double Knitting". I am nearing the armholes now, and love the way it's looking. It'll be donated to a local home for teen single moms...

Last but not least, I am knitting away on my Gilli Hook "Chill Chaser" afghan squares. The July patterns arrived in the e-mail on the weekend; here am I, plugging awaay at April's Block #2. Ah well...priorities! ;-)

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Fiber Happy said...

Hi Marg,
I took Sharon's Sumptuous Surfaces class and didn't sign up for this class as I thought there would be too much duplication between the two. I'm following your progress as you go to see if I may be wrong. I'm enjoying your posts as you go through.
Cheers, Helen