Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tripped Over TED Last Night

Monday night, I was part of the team that volunteered to audit the 2007-2008 books for The Alexandra Writers' Centre Society, of which I'm a member. On my way out, I browsed the notices and brochures near the front entrance of the Alexandra Centre, where AWC is located. The building is home to Seedmoments Art Studio, and the studio's brochure caught my eye.

Once home, I browsed this interesting site. I can't resist vising "Links" pages (ever!), so I strolled through that -- and then tuned into the TEDtalks link at the bottom of the page. Whoa! I listened with complete absorption (and a great deal of laughter) as Sir Ken Robinson, in a conference summary, laid out his views on "Creativity and Education". I had to find out more -- and ended up on the TED website. It's absolutely mind-boggling! Full of short talks (Sir Ken's was about 20 minutes) on a variety of creativity-related subjects by diverse, articulate folks with keen intellects. There's going to be a great deal of "listen-while-you-stitch" taking place henceforth! Enjoy!

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