Sunday, July 27, 2008

More ECQ

I've moved on through to Lesson 5 in the Encrusted Crazy Quilting class I've been taken with Sharon B. True to form, each lesson adds not only a layer of embellishment to the block, but another layer of learning to this stitcher's mind and hands. Today I focused on creating a line of beading that 'flowed', drawing the eye from one point towards another. I ended up using some feather stitching to create a line along which to place the beading as it stretched out from the button motif to the floral motif. Toward the end of the line, you can see a few of the stitches peaking through.

This sort of work is a first for me, and I've got to say, it takes me right out of myself -- it's focused and orderly, which results in a meditation of a sort. I like!

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Bess said...

Lawsee gal - that is some pretty stitching. You do know I have a September birthday...:D