Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Mixed Media Surfaces for Fibre Artists

with Sue Bleiweiss began today, and I got right to it! I've made my first sample of tissue paper fabric, though I am waiting to be sure it's totally dry before I add some stitching.

This piece is about 15.75" square now that I've trimmed it (it was dry enough for that), and I confess to not being sure what to do with it yet. I suspect at this point it will be 'sliced and diced'. Part of it will go in my sample book, and part...who knows?! I'll have fun with it somewhere, I'm sure.

(Materials: muslin, tissue paper, Misty Fuse two-sided fusible interfacing, stamping with an old roll from a cash register tape and with an empty spool, some colour application with a Shiva paint stick, diluted silver-colour Lumiere paint.)

I also spent part of this afternoon assembling little blocks for a charm square quiltlet -- likely a table topper. I've 8 blocks assembled, 9 cut and ready to sew, and envision another 17 anyway. Then borders etc.

In other news: I've taken the plunge and become an "Active Member" of SAQA -- i.e., Studio Art Quilt Associates. This, at the urging of my former teacher and early fibre arts mentor, Anna Hergert.

I saw Anna this past Saturday at the Leighton Centre, south of Calgary, where she had a piece in the new show, "All is Small". My former watercolour teacher, Sharon Williams had a piece in the show too. Saturday afternoon was the opening reception, and I enjoyed it very much. After viewing the pieces and a long chat with Anna, I actually managed to get in a little sketching before the two gals with whom I'd come wanted to leave for the city.

I am looking forward to the benefits of SAQA, not the least of which is their 'wiki' site that features great learning opportunities, and great exposure for a newbie artist like myself.

C'mon in! The water's fine...

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