Friday, May 02, 2008

In love with

The Vicar of Dibley.

Finally, after some years of searching, I found a DVD of The Good Vicar's exploits at our local branch of the Calgary Public Library. What a delight! Growing up Anglican, in a small Quebec town in the centre of dairy country...and not too far removed from my British roots, I was totally caught up in this character-filled comedy. I'm now on the hunt for more!

I think it was Dear Bess who first recommended this show, but regardless -- thanks to whoever it was. It's a treat, and I commend it to all who enjoy Brit wit!

On the creative front, I'll soon have more photos, including work on my 2nd piece for my QU class with Nancy Chong. I am about to register in some June/July/August classes at Joggles and am giving serious thought to sharon b's latest TIF challenge, with this colourway:

Yes, I know that I have far too much on the go, but who can resist this palette?!

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Bess said...

I'm sure it was I who urged you to fall in love with Dibbley. Glad you finally got the chance to.

Laughing just remembering how funny those shows are.