Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I may be crazy...

but I couldn't resist joining along with sharonb in the TIF February challenge.  It's about remembering...kid memories...and there are so many of them!  As a mid-way Baby Boomer, I remember a good chunk of the '50s and then the '60s onward...I remember
    Kindergarten of the Air and Maggie Muggins on radio;

    Our black and white television in it's cabinet -- no remote control;

    Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Green Jeans;Howdy-Doody (my favourite character was Clarabelle...I still have my Clarabelle facecloth puppet!);

    My step-dad taking moving pictures of my sis and I playing in the snow in those Michelin Man-like snowsuits;

    Learning to skate on our backyard rink;

    Playing outside till it got dark or you were called for dinner -- whichever came first;

    Dial 'phones;

    My first Kodak flash camera;


    The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show!;

    Canada's Centennial (1967) and the World's Fair in Montreal;

    The October Crisis in Quebec and the War Measures Act;


    Kent State;

    A summer working in White Plains, NY, where I watched the Moon Walk and Prince Charles induction as Prince of Wales;

    2001 -- A Space Odyssey;

    Making my polyester blend wedding gown;

    My new husband's blue polyester leisure suit with epaulettes and black buttons, for our honeymoon;

    Our first Commodore 64...

Lots to choose from! Stay tuned...

Meanwhile, I continue to stitch on my Sumptuous Surfaces project. Here, I auditioned 2 threads, eventually choosing...? Guess!

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MixPix said...

Ooooo, I remember all these things too: I LOLed at Capt.Kangaroo and our first Commodore 64. Rather than listing all the same things, I put a link to your post on my blog at http://fibrefan.blogspot.com/. I hope this is OK - I'm new to blogging so I'm not too sure about the etiquette - I should probably have asked first.