Saturday, February 02, 2008

I'm Up and Running Again!

My new printer, scanner and camera arrived Thursday. The first two are completely hooked up; the third needs a bit more study. I've managed to scan some photos from my Machine Quilting class at Quilt University:

These are practice samples. I really got into the stars and leaves, and I'm even rather proud of the stippling around the 'cosmic' design. I have learned, though, that no matter how excellent the teacher (and Carol Miller is great!), no matter how thorough the notes, the key to successful machine quilting and free-motion MQ is practice, practice, practice!

Then there is the design I've worked up for my 'Scrumptious Surfaces'class at Joggles:

This stuff is so much fun. Our teacher for this class is the supremely talented Sharon Boggon, who operates a resource-packed website and blog, in a minute ago. If you visit, pour a cup of your favourite beverage and sit down to relax and spend some time. A journey through Sharon B's blog, stitch dictionaries, and links is as good a read as the best stitchery magazine!

But what am I hangin' about here for? I've got designs to work on! TTFN!


Bess said...

Oh man - f I'm ever in a gift swap, I hope you draw my name!

You are an amazing fiber artist!

Bess said...

Yes yes yes feel free to use that photo - i think it is so fascinating - that's why I shared it.