Sunday, January 27, 2008

No Photos Yet

But I hope to post some soon! Anxious to have a printer but running out of time (it's snowy and blowy today, and super-cold temps, plus wind chill are promised for tomorrow through Wednesday), I've gone online to and bought m'self a small inkjet printer, a small flatbed scanner, and a small Canon PowerShot camera that's more than twice as powerful as my current one. The total cost of all 3 was less than that which I paid for the camera alone five years ago!!

I did venture out to church for 7:30 a.m. (I love our Anglican Book of Common Prayer service), and then drove over to S for groceries, and beetled home. I was to go out to Traditional Stitches to pick up a couple of patterns and the latest Piecework magazine but, fearing both wind gusts (40 mph or more) and blowing snow, I snuggled up with my cat and my knittiing and watched a biography of Michael J. Fox on 'E Television'.

He's got to be one of my very favourite Canadians. Local boy makes good, and all that. Plus, despite his wife's public face, I know deep down from personal experience what she feels and thinks and worries about each and every day as she watches him, helps him, supports him and cares for him with such a devastating chronic illness. My cause is Juvenile Diabetes, which ate away at my Dear H till it killed him at age 53...but no matter. Chronic illness takes its toll on families, and I know.

While I watched I finished the second sleeve of a baby sweater for my friend's new grand-daughter (almost 2 weeks old!). The pieces of the sweater are now bathing in warm water and Eucalan, soon to be blocked and dried and sewn together, with a pink ribbon dancing through the eyelets along the neckline.

Next project: a bit of work for my latest online classes: Machine Quilting with Carol Miller at Quilt University and then Sumptuous Surfaces with Sharon Boggon at Joggles. That otta get the creative juices flowing!

Sharon has a wonderful website and blog that are also great fun to visit. I commend them to you via 'In a Minute Ago'. Enjoy!

Tonight I plan more stitching, and work on a knit chemo cap (free pattern at for a dear friend just beginning breast cancer treatments...all in front of 'telly', a real rarity for This Bird, but hey -- a gal's gotta fight Winter the best way she knows how! :-)


Bess said...

Ooooo - send me some snow. And I am sending you some prayers for your friend who is beginning her treatments.


zippiknits...sometimes said...

My sister has Parkinson's and for the first time she is getting scared of the future. She was totally optimistic a year ago.

I hope that your friend's chemo goes as well as it possibly can, and she recovers fully.