Saturday, July 07, 2007

It's All Her Fault!

My 'favourites' online are in alphabetical order. So. Thursday morning, as per usual, I visited ChicKnits first -- and she got me into this! Now I'm into Chart B of Clue 1...and lovin' it. Apparently, over 5,000 of us are lovin' it too. My gosh...and I'm sure that 's just a fraction of all the lace knitters in the world, which is a fraction of all the knitters in general... The mind boggles!

So. I'm off to the Stampede today to see the handwork (quilting, knitting etc.) and other art (non-fibre, that is)...and, oh yeah, the rodeo. First time I've seen that in years. Thank goodness it's cooled off, and the in-field won't be so sweaty! I'll have my Mystery Stole in my bag (along with some plainer stuff) to occupy in the quiet moments -- mostly on the train to and from town.

Ta for now...

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