Thursday, July 19, 2007

I've been dyeing...

To show you how I spent last Saturday! With my quilt art group, the Freespirit Artisans, I dyed pieces of cotton, some sheers of unknown origin, cheesecloth, and cotton yarn ('pakucho' organic cotton yarn from Peru Naturtex Partners EIRL). I absolutely amazed myself -- as did my colleagues. But make no mistake, dyeing is so absorbing (no pun intended!) that one forgets to take breaks, drink water, eat, etc. We ended the day in blissful exhaustion and spent most of Sunday sleeping!

As for the photos yet. It's only 88 yards in the skein, so I'm pondering a small project before I show it off.

Instead, I've gone back to the MS3 (a bit), and spent a great deal of time preparing my 'book' for my Level One Certificate in Experimental Hand Stitch from The Gail Harker Creative Studies Center -- homework from the workshop I took there at the end of April. It'll be in the mail to Gail for critique by Saturday. This is the first time I've done this sort of thing...

Another first: I spent much of yesterday morning with the Wild Rose Chapter of The Applique Society (TAS) down in Cochrane. Lovely group of women -- and very skilled with a needle and tiny bits of fabric! I've decided to join...what's one more addiction?! I can justify it by saying it's part of quilting! ;-)

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