Saturday, December 09, 2006

See, Honey?

I did it!

Yep, got the lights up on the smaller of our two front lawn evergreens -- small, perhaps, but still taller than my 5'2"... and this was the first time I've done it all on my own. Usually, H was there to instruct, or our DS did it for us...

True Confession: the last week of November was a bust...remembering H on his birthday...but Christmas is coming and I'll be entertaining my children and my DearSis. I am actually beginning to feel festive!

I've been knitting up a storm too. I've fallen in love with the Fingerless Gloves from the Autumn Knitty. I've made a pair in what I call "army fatigue" colours for my going-on-15 nephew, and one in her fave orange mix (from Martheme's Inspirations Yarn. I've just now paused to make a "Lovers' Mitten" for the latest
Young Couple in the family,

as well as a sock for a Dear Old Cousin (he's in his 80s) who's on his own this Christmas...and just gone into a Seniors' Home. I dug out a pattern of my mother's -- a Paton's/Beehive from the days when entire books of patterns cost 25 cents! It's for a ribbed ankle sock, but I've amended it to a 'regular' sock, and am knitting it in a lovely blue-dark blue-green marl: Paton's again -- their Kroy Sock Yarn. Ah....socks.

And so to bed...

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