Thursday, April 28, 2005

Getting Organized -- Again!

A couple of days ago I cleaned out my bookshelves, and replaced magazines with my latest knitting books: Basically Brilliant Knits, The Ultimate Knitted Tee, and two by the Wonderful EZ -- Knitting Around and Knitting Without Tears. I also have the latest on Her Inimitableness -- The Opinionated Knitter -- a collection of her newsletters: witty, down-to-earth, and an all-round great read. Now they have pride of place in my barrister's bookcase.

Just in case you thought I'd tossed the magazines (a la FLYlady)-- fear not! I have sorted them by title and put them in magazine holders in chronological order. About once a year I go through 'em, and only then do I turf or give away (preferably the latter, whenever I can).

I still have two HotSpots, though -- the floor next to my bed (so much bedtime reading, so little time!), and my dining table-cum-studio. SO! Resolved: no new books or fabricflossfibre stuff till I get them read/sewn/knitted/embroidered/journalled/drawn!!

Who am I kidding?!

1 comment:

Bess said...

You're not kidding me, but then - I am the one who says she will spend only $100 in 2 days at Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival - so - perhaps we can laugh at ourselves together.