Saturday, May 07, 2005

Combining Crafts

For my DD and DSIL's First Wedding Anniversary, I made this...using the same fabric as the quilt I made them for their wedding gift.

Now I'm playing with other combinations! For example, I took some roving I had stashed (with intentions to spin it), and felted it by hand, using the wet method, like this -- but with some modifications, based on an article I read in the Spring issue of Cloth,Paper,Scissors. What fun! I'd worked in some non-woollen threads on the top, so covered them with fine dark grey tulle, and stitched over them, free-hand. The finishing touch was the addition of a little gold spider -- one of a group I'd purchased to use for crazy quilt embellishments. I call the piece "Tangled Thoughts". It resembles my mind on a good day (LOL)!

On the FOs front, I finally finished the baby quilt I made for Little Ellie Grace in "Kidstuff" flannels, and took it in to Dad at his office this week. He was speechless -- and I revelled!

I am also now well along the right front of a cardigan for New Baby F -- a hearty boy, over 9 lb. at birth (!), so I am making it 12-month size! Back and left front are done. :-) And then there's the cardigan for DH...coming up to the armholes on the right side (again, back and left front are done). As for my own Fair Isle Cardigan...well, I've made enough progress to see the beginnings of the design, which pleases me no end. And as for my Fleece Artist hand-dyed silk scarf (see the pattern in Interweave Knits spring issue), I'm on the fourth of 7 repeats of the second chart (!) -- I try to do 3-4 rows a day.

More quilting -- I have a date with a long-arm on June 8 for the Magic Tiles cuddle quilt I am making for my DN (Dear Nephew). He's turning 13 in July, and shall be honoured with a black-and-white quilt with red 'grout' -- it came together like a D yesterday, and I am very pleased!

Eating into my handwork time is my walking -- even if I do take the odd bit of knitting with me, it's tough going to knit and walk purposefully, and I am determined to get in 10,000 steps a day that the Infamous "They" say one requires to keep fit (and maybe lose a couple pounds, eh??). My new Curves pedometre pegged me at only 8500 or so steps last night at bed-time -- despite about 3 miles walked and a good 1/2-hour Curves workout!! Alas, what's a middle-aged midriffed woman to do! ;-)

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Bess said...

Oh those 10K steps! So hard to do - and yet I feel so darn good when I do them! I wish we could just add an hour to the day and stuff all 10K of them into that!

Happy anniversary to the beautiful couple. Almost as beautiful as the original.

Thank you too for the blessings - because they were needed and they came!! It was a splendid journey.