Friday, April 08, 2005

A Long Day But...

Well worth it! Today I had what Cameron calls an "Artist's Date". I went up to Edmonton (a 3 hour drive north) to see a show at the Harcourt House Gallery -- put on by my art quilting instructor, Anna Hergert. From the cards printed, here's a sample of what I saw:
the card for the show itself and one of Anna's own cards.

Interestingly, the printer's colours on the former are not particularly accurate -- but they are striking nonetheless.

The highlight of the display was a full-length coat in what appeared to be gold lace -- contstructed with saran wrap, gold paints, and machine-sewn laces, and decorated with gold tassels. Absolutedly stunning!!

If you are able to be in Edmonton before April 16, I encourage you to go to the gallery, which is located at 10215 112 St, on the 3rd floor. Admission is free. Enjoy!

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