Thursday, February 17, 2005

Soak, soak, soak!

I have been taking Dear Bess' advice, and have been soakin' up some endorphins in fabric, fibre and floss these last few days.

I finished my lovely "Summer's Eve" from Just Nan -- except for the beads which Janice at Traditional Stitches will teach me at our session next week. And I have started a new stitchery -- a Lizzie Kate tribute to marriage for my DD and her DH, who celebrate their First Anniversary! on May 1. My next sampler project (also to start with J. next week) will be "Take Time to Quilt" (Autumn version) from Jeannette Douglas Designs. This is the first of 4 of these I hope to do over the next several months -- one for each season.

Then there's the knitting. I have 2 more armhole decreases on my DH's cardigan back, and that'll bring me close to finishing it (the back, that is). That, plus one more baby cap, are destined to take up my time at the Knitting Room knit night tonight.

As for fabric, I have scrounged together 11 fabrics (!) for my Autumn Bargello -- Lesson 3 in "Bargello Seasons" from QU this week. All are washed and ready to be sliced into strips. Those, plus baby flannels in "Kids' Stuff" from
Connecting Threads for a little baby blanket, will keep me out of trouble for a while! I hear Bambino is due any day now, so I'd best get going!

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