Saturday, February 26, 2005

February Fest!

This weekend is the 2nd annual Calgary SewFest. It started on Thursday, and winds up this evening. Last year I just went for an afternoon to soak up the quilts on exhibit. That was exhilarating, so this year I took the plunge -- and spent yesterday in 2 fabulous classes with the amazing Ginny Beyer!

The first was on 'tesselations', which dovetails so neatly with my Symmetry Play class at Quilt University. A real move into right brain thinking!

Lunch hours (there were 2, thank goodness!) were filled with touring the Quilt Display (speechless, breathless, awed!) and shop, shop, shopping. I picked up some lovely marbly fat quarters at the Sugar Pine booth, two packs of Patricia Biancci Guatemalan FQs at the Ultimate Quilt Shop and an 18-FQ bundle in brights with a quilting/sewing motif at my favourite, My Sewing Room.

Along the way I managed to bump into several people I knew -- including a former client, and a woman I worked with a dozen years or so ago, who's a newbie quilter!

In the afternoon, Ginny taught us about proportion, and that wonderful, magical Golden Mean -- 1:1.1618. Fibonacci made an appearance too -- both numbers co-relate almost exactly. As a group we were stunned to see how we came close to using these numbers in our quilt plans, without even thinking. We came away with a new respect for math, and a cute little pair of cardboard callipers that Ginny helped us construct.

Head spinning, I checked the board for a winning door prize number (no luck) and made sure no one had yet outbid me on the Art Bra I want from the Silent Auction for Breast Cancer Research (I was safe!) -- and then I headed out for a bit o' peace and quiet. I found it in The Knitting Room, where Mona and Beth were busy labelling yarn for their 50% OFF! sale today and tomorrow. I can't get there till tomorrow afternoon -- I hope there'll be something left for me to enjoy!! Can the weekend get any better?

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