Thursday, December 30, 2004

Snow Day!

Well, not literally -- I mean, not enough to stop traffic and close schools...but enough snow and blow to keep me indoors (except for a quick trip to Curves around the corner), knitting and stitching from this a.m. through the weekend. And writing too. Getting started on those NYRs (as Bess calls 'em!)

DS's GF is s'posed to arrive tomorrow afternoon from 'way south in the province...We are all praying for good travelling conditions for her '92 Chev. DH and I are anxious to meet the gal who seems to have our DS enthralled.

Christmas Day/Weekend was lovely -- a needle/accessory case from the Knitting Fairy (including a ball of Noro "Silk Garden"!) was a real treat. That, and my hot pink terry bathrobe from DH, gift certificates to Paper Roots Studios and My Sewing Room, and I am totally spoiled!

DS treated me to the DVDs for the very first season of M*A*S*H*, so now I have lovely stuff to view while I'm knitting which, combined with laughter, will be so-o-o-o good for my soul!

DD did the most remarkable thing with duplicates of old family photos -- she made us a calendar! Each month is dedicated to a special event or to a family member (we each get our birthday month!)... As DH, it's too pretty to write on! I think we'll just hang it up and enjoy it!

Meanwhile, I managed to get DSIL's LoTech Sweat finished while he watched! (I've never done that before!!) -- and it fits like a charm, and he loves it! Thrilled this l'il ol' MIL's heart, for sure!

All for now -- Happy New Year, and stay warm!

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