Thursday, December 23, 2004

At Long Last

The tree can go up!

The sewing machine is away till the New Year, and all that's left is the some vacuuming, tree trimming and the usual right-before-Christmas pleasures.

The Floral Fireworks quilt made it to its destination yesterday,and a thrilled A called me -- they couldn't wait and opened the package early! I'm thrilled that she's warms my heart!

In the mail on Tuesday were more patterns from Sew Be It (FF designer); eventually I'll turn out a few more of her wonderful works...

Along with the patterns was the fabric bundle I ordered from Connecting Threads -- "Basically Kids' Stuff" in lovely soft pastel flannels -- stars, dots and florals with which to do up twelve 9" blocks for a bambino I hear is due in February.

Tonight I plan to be at the weekly knit-in at The Knitting Room, so that J will also get his LoTech Sweat on time! Any tips on converting a button band to a zipper band? Somehow I think he'd like that better...

TTFN -- !

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