Monday, January 03, 2005

Fresh Start

I think the first Monday of a New Year is prime fresh start territory, don't you? Back to routines that are satisfying -- like eating normal food instead of rich or fluffy holiday stuff, and going for a workout or a good long walk, making lists, and crossing stuff off lists!

I am particularly looking forward to this afternoon. After I drop DH off at the hospital for his treatment, I get about 5 hours to myself! In that time I plan to go to the mall to enjoy my stationery shop gift certificate and pick up a luscious mug of black dark roast coffee. Then on to my LYS for a pair of 10-12 mm circs with which to knit a couple of simple circular hats from my yarn stash -- SandnesGarn 'Canto', to be exact -- one for me in a lovely raspberry/green/purple/beige colourway, and one for my DearSis in simple black. It's a soft, thick-and-thin sort of yarn that I think will be great fun to make up. The nice thing about my LYS, too, is that I can stay there a while and knit and chat, finishing my coffee... And then I'll move on to Starbuck's/Chapters for some more coffee and a spate of reading/writing before meandering home.

This weekend, DH spent some time downloading photos from his camera, and put this one into my files. It's a pair of the scarves (out of a trio) that I made for Christmas...Something tells me I posted this before, but as I can't remember when and I'm too lazy to go back into my archives, why don't you just enjoy it again?! ;-)

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