Sunday, September 12, 2004

Avoiding September

Somehow, I've been feeling that if I didn't blog this month, the month might just slip by unnoticed. Now, of course, I realize I can't really do I decided to give in and write again.

I went back to work last week -- three days, of which the middle one was my birthday. Very quiet...but I did receive a lovely pair of Joni Mitchell CDs from DH and a bottle of Johnnie Walker Red from my DS. DD will be here later this month, and is bringing something with her, she says. The damper on the day was not hearing from my Mom or my cousin, both of whom passed away since January. This "anniversary" of sorts took me rather by surprise...

I didn't enjoy being back that much. I have a strong sense I need to be home...caring for DH as he continues to face the challenges brought upon by end-stage Type 1 Diabetes. The Family Caregivers Centre website has an article about "Caregiver Grief" which, when I read it, described exactly how I have been feeling. Not to excuse it, really, but I sense I need to STOP and work on regaining energy, on healing, and on rediscovering JOY in my/our life, so that I don't collapse completely.

DS brought the car safely back from UL on Friday, and leaves by bus this afternoon to go back to student life. He is enjoying his Drama focus this semester -- even Stagecraft, which requires he participate in an upcoming performance (behind the scenes, of course!) He also managed to land a part-time job at an on-campus eatery, so all the blessings have been bestowed (for the time being) and now it's down to work and fun.

I was glad to have him home to get such a happy report, plus he was able to help me dismantle and remantle (? is that a word?) the kitchen table last night. Yep, DH and I bought a new -- smaller -- nook table yesterday, with 2 chairs, which will be delivered on Thursday. This should enable DH to maneuver around the kitchen more easily when he does a bit of cooking, and enable the rest of us to maneuver around him more easily when we're the cooks. The big oak table that has graced our kitchen for the past 10 years or so is now in DS' bedroom. When he's home for holidays it will serve as a desk/TV stand/game station; when he's away, I get to sew on it!

This takes my sewing machine and much of its attendant clutter out of the dining room, and leaves it free for meals when more than the 3 of us are here. I am thrilled with the arrangement, as despite my best efforts, the DR always looked cluttered.

In knitting news... Yesterday was the Grand Opening of The Knitting Room, and I paid a wee visit to Mona and Beth to congratulate them on the success of their new location. I also managed to snag a bargain for a couple of shaped scarves from The Knit Stitch -- five balls of Red Heart chunky in forest green, to be paired with a ball of Kitty ladder yarn in greens and blues. Yummy!

And so I am away to sew in the loose ends of DS' new 'fingerless' gloves (based loosely on a basic glove pattern in Homespun, Handknit from Interweave Press... and to begin to roll my skeins for the Lo-tech Sweat I have in mind for DSIL for his birthday/Christmas.

Blessings for the day...

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