Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Starting Small

Today's plan is to do a number of 'small' things with great focus or intention -- in the hopes that I can learn to express love in each. I've been listening to an audiotape of the writing and work of the late Mother Teresa, and I am (with God's help) going to attempt to act simply but profoundly in all things today.

I've started with shining my sink (as FLYlady would have me do) and ensuring the dishes are done and out of the way. Next, I hung one of the oils I received from my Dear Cousin's estate -- it looks quite handsome in the dining room -- and took apart a series of four tiny embroideries that I'd done for her years ago, and which she'd put in heavy Victorian-style frames. The intent is to wash them and set them in fabric, as a unit, for a wall hanging.

I've just finished winding into a ball the yarn I received for my birthday from D&S -- the 100% Alpaca from St. Mary Lake farm -- which I plan to knit into a watch cap for my DH. Here's the supplier, Carly, showing off her wares:

Isn't she pretty? And so so-o-o-ft! It will be a real pleasure to put this little project together.

Next steps: time for a bit more quiet reflection and some sewing on the binding of a belated gift (a quilted table topper), then a walk with a good friend, then groceries...and the day will unfold.

May we all be blessed!

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