Thursday, August 05, 2004

The SE Fibre Swing

Yesterday a galfriend and I swooped down on the city's SE for a gander at shops we'd never been to -- or had been to so long ago it was hard to remember.

First, we tried to find Gina Brown's, which we both remembered from it's original location on 4th St. SW, and which C remembered from it's second location...still listed in the phone book. Alas, GB was nowhere to be found at that address (a mall currently undergoing a major renovation!)

We toodled over to Lee Valley Tools for a snoop. I was looking for a woodworking tool -- a stencil burner -- to use in my new art quilting passion, and found exactly the right thing! Also, a new pair of pruners for my garden. I came away with a great grin and an armload of LV catalogues to get me into more trouble!

From LV we swung around to Along Came Quilting which, despite its odd location (in a furniture/automobile/industrial park) is a great place to shop! After thoroughly drooling over the store's entire inventory, we both managed some purchases from the Skinny Bolt selection, and promised to come back soon -- even though for 2 gals from the Far NorthWest, it's practically a day trip!

While at ACQ, we phoned the number listed for Gina Brown's and lo and behold -- we got a new address, and it was close by! So off we went to complete our afternoon with Bliss, Rowan, Sirdar, Estelle, Patons, Colinette, Fleece Artist and other fabulous fibre, as well as wonderful patterns and x-stitch goodies. I restrained m'self, but have made a mental note of some 1824 superwash I want for a hoodie for my new SIL, using the Lo-tech Sweat from Bonne Marie's collection.

Came home and finished the back of my 'Quilt Therapy' lap quilt. Now to shore up my batting supply and get it quilted. But tomorrow is another day -- and a full one of sewing at My Sewing Room so...Onward and sew-ward!!

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