Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Home again, home again...

Gosh, it's good to be home!! Sis and I just spent a week in Quebec and Ontario...and are back in Calgary to dry out (hopefully). The graveside funeral for our Dear Cousin was lovely -- in the prettiest cemetery I've seen to date: Elmwood, on the north side of Sherbrooke, Que. -- but would have been lovelier if it hadn't been teeming such that the squirrels were beginning to line up two by two...

Before and after said service, sis and I and several loving friends managed to have DC's belongings appraised, pack them up, send some to beneficiaries and friends, arrange for others to be shipped, see the lawyer (twice), visit both banks, attend a memorial gathering in Ottawa of friends who couldn't get to Sherbrooke, make numerous phone calls, and have a reunion with a high school girlfriend not seen for over 30 years!

I also managed to get the front of the Yarngirls' Turtleneck Tank (IK Summer '04) finished for my DD, and started sewing up the slit-necked version for the DD of good friends. Both should be completed in the next couple of days -- if I don't get sidetracked! Funny how easy it is to go off to something else when one should really be sewing up a garment, eh? ;-)

We arrived home safe and sound last night, and I am much less exhausted after a relatively good sleep in my own bed. I might even get over to Curves this morning for a bit o' fitness. I am amazed that with all the dining out this past week, I have gained only a pound or so. I managed just one walk along the Rideau Canal (sigh) -- it was so beautiful!

The summer seems to be slipping away...I am determined to enjoy every last second of it till Labour Day!!

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