Sunday, August 22, 2004

I'm spoiled...

Despite the gloomy skies and the rain, it's been a lovely Sunday. After church, DH and I drove down to an indoor farmer's and crafter's market that opened at the beginning of the summer. It's expected to stay open year-round on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays -- and we reap the harvest! First we toured the place, drooling over the various venues -- not just the fresh produce, but the food outlets (including 'gourmet' hotdogs, and Quebec maple specialties) and craft booths (jewellry, pottery etc.). It would be a great place for a weaver or spinner...or knitter...or quilter...

We then enjoyed 'dogs' for lunch -- DH had German, and I had Mediterranean. Yum!! Finally, we loaded up on our selections: new potatoes (white and red), green and waxed beans, prune plums (some for jam!), blackberries, cherries, peaches, Saskatoonberry juice concentrate, and cheese -- some medium Gouda and some aged cheddar. I don't need to do any grocery shopping this week! ;-)

From the Market we went to friends for dessert. D had baked a scrumptious peach pie, which we enjoyed with fresh coffee. However, that wasn't the end of the goodies. First, D&S gave us a present for our anniversary (which was a couple of weeks ago) -- a pair of handwoven placemats from Diane Mortensen's Islandweaver Studio on SaltSpring Island. And next -- even better -- they gave me an early birthday present (it's a couple of weeks from now) -- a 112 gm. skein of 100% Alpaca, natural colour (sandy brown), from Carly the alpaca of St. Mary Lake Alpacas -- also on SaltSpring. So soft, so luscious! Just enough to make my DH a new cap for the winter (he's spoiled too!).

When we got home, sated with delicious delectables, we both took naps.

This evening has been quiet (our DS is out!), so I took the opportunity to iron up the doilies I'd washed after bringing them home from Ottawa last week. Included in my selections from my cousin's lace and linens were some fabulous
collars ,more collars... and trims.

Aren't they beautiful? I have visions of wonderful work with some in crazy quilting, and just enjoying others as coasters or whatever...

So, like I said, I'm spoiled!

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