Friday, July 30, 2004


Alas, our venerable dishwasher has gone to that great appliance showroom in the sky. The repairman confirmed it today: the timer has gone. Cheaper to buy a new one. Ah well, the Old Girl didn't owe us anything. She was well over 15 years old. And now...I have a new Sears machine scheduled for delivery next week! In the meantime, I'll be doing the dishes by hand, but that never hurt anyone...In fact, it's rather a contemplative activity -- much like Brother Lawrence observed while peeling potatoes.

On the Fiber, Floss and Fabric front, my life is full. Last week there was two days of Art Quilting 101 with Anna Hergert, a graduate of the London City and Guilds embroidery certificate program. That was followed by two days at Olds College with Beverly Johnston at Betty Caskey's annual Stitch and Sew Get Away -- learning to paint with thread and to do silk ribbon embroidery by machine!

Today I spent about 3 hours putting together a little table topper in the Friendship Star pattern from a kit I got at Tumbleweeds in Airdrie on my way back from Barrhead last week. It's in pinks and greens -- perfect for one of the two young women from our church who are being married in August. The other gal favours red and white, so I'll do hers in those colours. I've pinned the sandwich for the first; the fabric for the second is drying as I type (I always prewash red; it has such a tendency to run!).

Then I framed my little thread painting from Bev's class at the SSGA. It turned out not too bad, if I may say so m'self...

This evening, I took the plunge and crayoned two fabric panels I bought from Block Party Studios -- "Over the Edge: Oh My" and "Therapy in Session". (I actually bought 'em through Kickass Country Store in Saskatchewan...I think Ami Simms has them on her website too.) I found perfect background fabric today at My Sewing Room (their pre-inventory 40% off sale!) so plan to make this up into a hanging. With bright zingers, I think it'll look gr-r-r-reat! (I like these patterns so much, I have an "Over the Edge" coffee mug!)

All for now...the clock on the wall says the reason I'm yawning is, it's past my bedtime! Night, night now...

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