Sunday, March 21, 2004

Late Evening Thoughts

After a couple of glasses of Shiraz, and a generally lovely weekend...

This was the Weekend of DD's Shower, and the house bustled with the comings and goings of early Twenty-somethings all weekend. They arrived in the wee hours of Saturday a.m. after a long and belated trip from Edmonton, including a pit-stop in Camrose to pick up the Best Man. The strains of 6-weeks-from-W-Day are beginning to show -- these late nights have brought on under-ringed eyes, pale faces, and signs that the Bride-to-be is desperately in need of a break. Fortunately, they all have next weekend off before another shower -- this time in the Groom's home church.

Meanwhile, I start a 5-day work week tomorrow, for the next month, as Income Tax Season arrives with Spring in Canada. Each day will be a tad longer and the work will be very steady for the next five weeks. Deadline: April 30. Wedding: May 1. Ah, the life of the Mother of the Bride!

Fortunately, there are small blessings, like the opportunity to be on my own next weekend while a Dear Friend takes my DH south to Lethbridge to visit our DS, who is at university there. An opportunity to see a display next weekend from the London City and Guilds, and to dine out with one girlfriend and have coffee with another. And like my new hat, very like this one (see #8 of the Gallery) made by Maria Curcic of Le Chapeau Rouge...

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