Thursday, May 08, 2003


Last night, just before bed, I finished frogging the last of my all-of-a-piece sweater jacket in Gedifra "Dandy" #1406 (purple colourway). I'd broken down and bought 7 extra balls from PassionKnit in TO (Toronto, for the uninitiated!) and they'd arrived the day before. Time to get at it! So I took the thing down to about 15" of the first (right-hand) scarf portion of the pattern. Resolved: to re-knit it to the "proper" measurements (i.e., to the ones called for in the pattern!) so that I can enjoy it and actually look good in it at the same time!

The decision to frog it and start again has got me thinking. I can remember (with fair clarity!) a time when I would have simply tossed the entire project into a bag in the back of a closet and forgotten about it. Yet here I am, frogging my second sweater in as many weeks. The other was a sweater jacket that had languished in a closet for more years than I can remember. However, having just acquired Jean Frost's Jackets, Jackets, Jackets!, I have rediscovered the potential of the yarn, so it's now slated for reconstruction as well as the 'Dandy'.

Could it be that, with age, I have developed more patience? Or could it be that I have developed more confidence in my creative gifts, such that I can turn a 'lost' project around? Perhaps it's a bit of both.

And isn't it like that in our relationships with God? Over time, Patience, a fruit of His Spirit, takes root and begins to bloom in unexpected places in our lives. Similarly, as we develop in our relationship with Him, He helps us to see the gifts with which he has blessed us, helps us to have a greater appreciation for them, and greater confidence in ourselves such that we can use those gifts and talents to the benefit of ourselves and others -- and to His glory.

Makes frogging worthwhile, doesn't it?!

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