Sunday, March 02, 2003

Sunday evening, and the house is relatively quiet. Hubby is snoozing; son is playing a video game in his room. Daughter and boyfriend have left for their homes about 2 1/2 hours northeast of here...It's snowing lush, fat flakes in the gloaming. I have just returned from two hours visiting with my mom. Sipping scotch and sharing memories and knitting. A new project, and my hands are just flying!

It's a kit of Jo Sharp merino wool for a pullover in a series of stripes. With the name "Jewel -toned Sweater", you can get the idea right away. The colours are wine, ruby, terra cotta, mosaic (a sea green) and jacaranda (lilac/lavender)...and so soft and smooth to knit with -- sheer delight. My fingers itch to get at it each morning, and it is progressing quickly.

I am trying a new technique with it too -- converting it from flat to knit-in-the-round. The garter stitch trim to start was a challenge, because it was 10 rows -- each a different colour!! I confess, despite trying to follow the good advice of some friends at KR, I will have to go back and tidy up the ends a bit when I'm finished! Still, it's better than doing side seams! :-)

It was lovely to share with Mom, as she gave me the kit for this project several years ago, when she found that her failing eyesight meant that she couldn't do it herself. It about broke her heart at the time, so to see me finally working on it, and to feel the pattern with her arthritic fingers brought her real pleasure.

RE: Progress in English Paper-Piecing: Class #2 was Friday. I managed to have one flower (2 rows of hexagons around a central one) ready to mount on a backing, and the 2nd 95% there, so was able to learn the hand applique. Very easy; very relaxing. Laura and I talked a blue streak throughout!

Trickier were the hearts that Joanne showed us. The little tidbit between the 2 sides of each heart threatened to fray or pucker; the basting requires patience and nimble fingers. The first one I made looked really great; I must've been a bit too sure of myself, though, for the second one will have to be redone (sigh)...

This Friday, Laura, Susan and I meet again to work on our respective projects. The community aspect of handwork brings many blessings: the sharing of ideas, the chance to share and laugh and enjoy each other just as we are, the firing up of our individual creative spirits...The prospect will bring a lift to the whole week.

[This week] May I find the sacred in the ordinary and share it with the world.

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