Monday, January 30, 2023

Existential Examen (Day 10)

 On Saturday, I posted one of my "normal" posts: one about my artwork and other 'making', the kind of thing expected by most -- if not all -- of my Gentle Readers.

The post was entitled "It's All Over But the Paper-work!"  Today, that paper-work begins -- and so far, I'm on the right track.  I even found page of step-by-step instructions on how to use Google Drive.  I have a "page" in the Drive that was set up for me by the folks sponsoring the Art the Park Tour, and managed to find the documents they've already put in there.  I even managed to enter data in the folder marked "Labels" -- the title, media and price for each of my pieces.  

I now await instructions from the first Art in the Park curator as to how to arrange and upload my photos.

Meanwhile, there's other paper-work to do.  As Envelope Secretary for my parish church, I now need to begin creating income tax receipts for 2022 donors.  I took on this position a year this is my first go at that.  Not hard; just time-consuming.

Today, I'm grateful that at this stage in my life I am juggling fewer balls in the air, and have time -- time to organize each day, to prioritize my tasks by deadline (house work being at the bottom of the heap!).

Yes, I'm grateful for the gift of time.

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Kate said...

I was the envelope secretary for many years when my kids were little. It is a big job, and very important. Good luck. I hope your budget includes self stick envelopes.