Friday, July 09, 2021

Out From Under the Dome -- Part I


The Heat Dome, that is.  Oy vey!  For over a week, western Canada's been subject to the worst heat wave it's experienced in decades -- if ever.  Record high temps were set everywhere.

It was awful here.  Many (most?) of us in Alberta (especially in the central and more northern parts) don't have air conditioning (AC) except, perhaps, in our vehicles because...why?  "For ten days in July?" as my late DH used to query.  

Exactly.  We're not "south of the border, down Mexico way" -- or anywhere close!  It was hard to sleep -- notwithstanding ceiling fans at full throttle, ice water at the bedside and frozen bags of dried beans around one's neck.   

I did manage to walk in the very early (6 a.m.) mornings, but the rest of the time I seemed to spend mainly at my kitchen table under the ceiling fan, blinds in every room drawn against the merciless sun in the completely cloudless sky.  I also spent a fair amount of time moving seedlings from shady spot to shady spot, and watering the plants in the evening (NOT the grass, which became crunchy and brown and I didn't care). Without rain, my rain barrels became depleted, and I resorted to using my hose (cha-ching! $$$).  

But we all survived...

Notwithstanding my fellow Canadians in the B.C. Okanagan and environs.  And so...with fires raging -- wiping out the town of Lytton and endangering many more nearby communities -- I joined in the effort to share what I could. 

There are two quilt shops in Kamloops (the largest centre, still in some danger).  Both are taking in donations of quilts, but Heather's Fabric Shelf has done this before and was first off the mark.  I got in touch, offered a quilt and was off to the races.

I believe everything I make -- knitted or quilted -- will find its proper home (eventually).  Sometimes it takes a while.  In this instance, "Just Love Sewing!" was one of those projects.  I bought the fabric somewhere in Calgary (can't remember where) when I lived there (so over 12 1/2 years ago -- probably longer.)  I bought it because it tickled my fancy...but...I had absolutely no pattern/project in mind for it.  I later bought a few other pieces that would "fit" with it (again, no provenance!).  

Please tell me you've 'been there; done that' -- just so I'm justified that I'm not alone in doing this!  😉😄

In 2017 I found a pattern in an old magazine (2009) that I thought I could use for this very colourful and rather busy fabric.  After I'd made the top, I wasn't so sure.   I didn't really like it -- it was, after all, so very busy and SO very colourful!  I let it sit.  Last fall, along with another finished top, I decided to have it quilted.  I figured I could find a home for it somewhere!

My long-arm quilter, Sylvia Sawyer of Woodwind Long-Arm Quilting out here in the hinterlands -- i.e. just up the road from me -- is -- and has -- a GIFT.  She looked at it, and told me "It's not that bad".  Together we picked out a lively variegated multi-coloured Superior Thread for the top, and a vibrant pink for the equally vibrant deep pink backing.  And she helped me select a loopy, casual pattern that really shone in the solid black borders (not to mention the rest of the quilt).  So.  She did it up.

I was still faced with "where will this find a home?"

Enter the Heat Dome and the devastation at Lytton, B.C. and surrounding area.  I put in a question on the "Quilting in Canada" Facebook group and learned about Heather's shop.  In very short order I was in touch and yes, she welcomed donations.  She was aiming for at least 1000 quilts.

Here is my contribution, which went in the mail Wednesday:

60" W x 80" L
Pattern: "Summer Citrus" from
A Needle Pulling Thread  magazine, 2009
Fabric source -- long forgotten!

I was delighted to find that this quilt fit into the largest pre-paid Canada Post box -- $29.99 plus GST.  It's tracked and insured for up to $100 (I didn't add more insurance but you can if you like).  So...I added in 3 pair of hand-knit socks -- a small pink pair for a young girl, a felted navy pair for a child's slipper-socks, and an adult-sized pair in a unique "Chameleon" colour-way that's green, yellow, aqua and black.  Again, they'll find a home (for the winter) with someone!

Separately, a couple now living in Eastern Canada who began their lives in Lytton, have set up a GoFundMe page.  There are now several GFM ways to donate.

This is only a slice of how I've been surviving Under the Heat Dome.  To follow shortly: Part II with garden photos -- and more.  Stay tuned!  😊

I'll be linking this post and the follow-up to Nina-Marie's "Off the Wall Friday".  This week she's thinking outside the box -- a good idea for creative folks, even while under a heat dome!   Have a blessed (and coooool!) weekend!

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