Monday, September 28, 2020


 It's not been my habit of late to post weekly...but here's another one -- linking to Nina Marie's Off the Wall Friday, once again just under the wire!

I know that somewhere in the last 8 months I mentioned that I lost an elderly friend in January.  She was in her 90th year and had been unwell for some time, with a "dickey" heart.  We met over a decade ago when I first moved here and was volunteering at the local lending library.  She, like me, enjoyed murder mysteries.  She was a fiesty Brit, from Yorkshire area, and we "clicked" and became friends.  At the time we met she was still quilting a bit, but had taken up card-making, which eventually took over as her main interest.

She also had several grandchildren and eventually great-grands, so she knit for them.  I would drive her out to the local farmer's market(s) and was the one who took her for her cataract surgery down the highway a couple of hours, when her children were unable to do so because of work commitments.

As she got older and went out less, I continued to visit her every week or so for a chat.  A few years ago (maybe 3) her daughter moved to our hamlet, bought a wee home not far from my friend, and arranged to work remotely from home.  She and I became friendly too, and we both kept an eye on "Mum".

Before she died, my friend told her daughter that she wanted the contents of the "cubby" under the stairs to be for me.

This morning was THE morning.  Daughter and I spent close to 2 1/2 hours on the contents -- sorting, tossing, re-directing...and I still came home with three (count 'em!) unsorted tubs of fabric.

It's been a very full day...and I've managed to launder two loads of the 'treasure'.  I'm a casual member of a local group of quilters, and have two good friends who quilt, so have put the word out to share the stuff.  There's also a fair amount of garment fabric, which will go to the local thrift store (a charity shop).

I'll still end up with some wonderful fabrics for backings, for scrap quilts, a bit for landscapes, some embroidery supplies and some glorious knitting magazines and books.  Am I spoiled?  Yep!  Am I grateful?  You bet!  

Here's just some of my "inheritance"...

The first sorted darks & lights,
with 2 of the special knitting books.
I have the earlier edition of "Folk Socks" --
but this is the updated one!

More sorted fabric and a basket of goodies.

On the left: "I'll do something with these";
on the right: polycottons -- light and dark.


A set of KnitPicks Rainbow Wood dpns (yum!), 
a bit of yarn, and a bag of baby caps to give away.

I've been asking the Good Lord to live long enough to use up my stash.  Today, I added a century or so more to the request!  Even with all I hope to give away, I'll have plenty to use up for charity quilts...till the cows come home, or Jesus comes back, whichever comes first!  😉

As mentioned, I'm late linking to Nina Marie's Off the Wall Friday, and  WIP Wednesday over at the Needle and Thread Network too.  Have a great week!


Sha said...

Gifts like these seem to arrive when we need to be reminded that we are seen, heard, valued, cherished and are an important member of the whole. Enjoy this blessing and the message it offers.

Joan said...

What a windfall! I know what you mean about using up your ‘bits’ though, I think I may need several lifetimes to get through mine. Hopefully I’ll have a good friend that I can bequeath it to. X

Laurel's Stitches said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your inheritance, Margaret. I have also been the benefactor of such treasures... and love the fact that some part of that inheritance stays with me, sits beside me as I stitch. It's a wonderful way to "stay close" to a loved one.

Angela said...

I am sorry for your loss but you can fondly remember her every time you work with your inheritance! She would be happy to know you are enjoying it!