Friday, August 10, 2018

The Fix is IN

Many thanks to Gentle Reader Kate, who just shared with me the 'fix' for my apparently non-functioning Blogger comments notifications.  If others of you are Blogger users and have -- like me -- just discovered that you've not heard from your readers for awhile, take heart.  It's not you; it's not your readers -- it was a Blogger problem, and apparently precious few people were notified about it!

Here's the "fix" she shared with me, courtesy of another blogger who uses Blogger.

Now I hope it perhaps one of you can post a "test" comment and we can see!  😊

Blessings to y'all for your patience...and Happy Friday!


Kate said...

Hope you are back on track.

Unknown said...

Trying it out, Margaret! Hope you get this. Glad you got some help!! Enjoy a creative weekend. Hope we ALL do!