Sunday, March 25, 2018

Puttering, Muttering and Painting

This week's been full of highs and lows -- blessedly mostly highs, but somehow the low points are the ones I dwell on.  Equally blessedly, I'm aware I'm not alone in that!

The puttering's part of that.  

I'm excited by fabric collage -- especially work by artists like Deborah Boschert and Louise O'Hara.  I long to be able to create light-hearted pieces of my own with the same spontaneity.

But...I'm not a very spontaneous person.  Just ask my kids.

I'm a planner.  A detail person, and a very good organizer and administrator.  I've made a living using those skills...but alas, they're not handy if one aspires to spontaneity.  😩

Anyway, I have this old, tattered quilt that's already been cut up for use in these pieces:

'Disintegration' I, II and III
Exhibited Online with the Artists of
Threads of Resistance

So...I wanted to do something with some of the remnants.  I cut up a bit into 4" squares, thinking I could stitch on them and combine them with other bits and bobs for a collage, mounted on canvas.

I did up one little piece with embroidery...cute, but not particularly artistic.  Sigh.

Next I tried putting two in a contemporary 12" x 12" piece, a la Deborah Boschert, thinking I might donate it to the SAQA Benefit Auction this year:

Chip Off the Old Block - (C) 2018

It's okay, I guess...but it lacks a certain 'spark'.  I didn't even bother to attach a sleeve -- just hung it up with other "samples".


Then there's muttering about what's been What's Been Going On in the World.  I've caught myself being caught up in Too Much News, and a longing for someone -- anyone -- especially in government -- to be caught doing something right, true, lovely, generous, quiet, helpful...and find myself becoming less of those things at the same time. 😟 I've caught myself ranting on FB -- and going back and removing the rant -- even when others affirmed what I'd written. 

How do I deal with that?  

I could build a wall around myself, my wee domain, and not let any bad news in...but then, how would I pray effectively for those outside my self-circumscribed "bubble"? 

So...I soldier on, and make the intention to observe, assess, perhaps share or articulate...but without a rant.  Try to be mindful, and catch myself before I get carried away.

So where are the highs?

I finished a baby sweater, except for the buttons.  It's adorable, and there's no one for whom it's intended, so it will likely end up in the Church's pre-Christmas Bazaar...

Just needs buttons!
Pattern: "Little Coffee Bean" by Elizabeth Smith
Yarn: Schachenmayr Nomotta 'Bravo' DK (discontinued)

I still have lots of that yarn in my stash, so I expect it will be turned into hats and mittens next.

I made two 8" x 8" pieces that I won't photograph till they're mounted and framed....Or at least, mounted.  I have to get the canvases tomorrow when I'm in Red Deer.

And I made two pieces that have been mounted on painted stretched canvas -- which I'll take to the framer on Wednesday.

Three of the four are from pieces of mono-printing I did on rusted or dyed synthetics, just lying around, waiting to be used.  I thought initially they were also "just samples", but the stitching brought them to life, and I really like them so far.

Grasslands I (C) 2018
Canvas: 16" W x 12" L

Grasslands II (C) 2018
Canvas: 16" W x 12" L

Grasslands I - detail

In the end, I've learned a few things from all this puttering, muttering and painting:
  1. "To thine own self be true" (Shakespeare, spoken by Polonius in Hamlet);
  2. "Be Margaret" (Gretchen Rubin, The Happiness Project); and
  3. Rants are exhausting; find a better way.

This coming week, my friend Mary and I will put our finishing touches on our collaborative application to exhibit in the 2018 Camrose Art Walk, and submit it.  I'll take three (!) quilt tops to Sylvia, my long-armer, to be quilted.  I'll have lunch with a good friend, work a couple of days at The Shop, enjoy Knit Night, and pick up the latest framed pieces, while dropping off the other new canvases, all in preparation for the Lacombe Art Show and Sale.

And I leave you with a link-up to Nina Marie's Off the Wall Friday...with a wish for a Good Week ahead...

Remembering especially those who will be observing Holy Week and the lead up to Easter...while others are preparing for Passover, which begins Friday evening.

Blessings, all!

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Jo Vdmey said...

We do have a lot to ponder in the world. I try to limit my exposure to media. It has an effect on my outlook.
Pondering can lead to negative thoughts or a renewed sense of what I can do to be more positive and kind to those around me. Sometimes I think we need that blah period to effect change.
At least your producing, going forward and learning as you go. There are many artists I love. Love their work.But is not me. I too love Gretchen Rubins "just be..." I will be just be Jo... And I think that just always evolves. We just decide whether to put positive energy in it or negative in it. Besides I have a feeling that Just Margaret is probably pretty good!
Have a great day!