Saturday, September 02, 2017

And Today, This

I've been behind on my blog this evening I am trying to catch up a bit.

I can't now.  Not since this, which I looked up (I guessed until I found the right information) I can write, quietly and softly and gently, to the right person.

A knitter.

With a we all have mothers.

Whose mother has left this world, now, just a couple of days ago, after a brief illness.  Young (from my vantage point) at 74...

I am so sorry.

I will write to tell her that...But I thought, Gentle Readers, that those of you who are knitters, and who know of and love the work of the Yarn Harlot, that you might want to write too. Old school.  A real note, on real paper, in real hand-writing.

Stephanie, I am so sorry.

P.S. The official notice is HERE.  No mention of donations in memory but Stephanie is partial to Medecins Sans Frontieres and  PWA Friends for Life Bike Rally...just so you know.


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