Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Wine, Women and "Wow!": Part I

Flying in over the Canadian Rockies
It takes me a while to process events when they have been thick with learning, sharing, exploring, conversing, and enjoying good food and wine.

Such was the case with the first SAQA Western Canada Regional Retreat in Kelowna, B.C. last weekend.  I came home with a full head and a very full heart, a quiver full of new ideas and emotions that ran the gamut from delighted to doubtful and back again.

The setting was part of the delight.  Green Bay Bible Camp isn't a four- or five-star hotel, but it is a clean, well-equipped, friendly resort on the lake that was quite well suited to our group's budget, size and planned activities.

View of the green space from the parking lot.

Most of the thirty or so attendees were from B.C., and all but 5 of us drove to the venue.  This meant that the small group of us that arrived earlier than some others could take some time to preview one of the three wineries that we'd tour more formally during the weekend.  So...late Thursday afternoon, that's just what we did, driving up the hill to the sprawling and elegant grounds of Mission Hill.

I was fascinated by the assorted sculpture and architecture:

I could find titles on none of the pieces, but remain convinced that this fellow is on a perpetual search for one of his contact lenses...

And then there was the view of the vines and the valley...

The amphitheatre over-looking the lake, where concerts are held in the summer:

And the views from inside various patios and porticos which appear to be used for both large receptions and individual contemplation...

We were met on our return to the camp with a delicious dinner and an evening relaxing, settling in and getting to know each other over glasses of local wine, simple snacks and stimulating conversation.

Friday a.m. would bring a new dawn -- foggy and dripping with rain -- and a day filled with learning and discussion focused on the main theme of the weekend: "Out of the Studio and Into the Wider World".  

To be continued.... ;-)


Judy Warner said...

Can't wait to hear the rest of your report!

Bethany Garner said...

Great you had a relaxing time with new and old friends, Marg... your beautiful little Winter Walk, Astoin Lake has a new home here with me in Kingston, ON.SAQA Conference in Lincoln, NE was equally wonderful.

Joan said...

It looks idyllic. Can't wait to hear the rest of the story.

Jenny K. Lyon said...

What Judy said!