Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Side Trip: "Statement Quilts"

In the last few years, I've found myself making more 'statement quilts' -- ones that speak to or about issues that I have on my mind and heart.  This morning, my SAQA colleague, Lyric Kinnard, shared a blog post written by a quilter named Jessica, who articulates very well why she and I and so many others from time to time feel compelled to create quilts that...make a statement.

Canada Weeps:
 A Response to the 2016 Election in the U.S.A.

(C) 2016

Jessica calls her pieces 'political quilts', whereas not all of my 'statements' have been strictly related to I prefer the wider 'statement quilts' description.

Make Do and Mend:
A Response to Cuts in Funding for the Arts
in Alberta
(C) 2011

Sometimes my 'statements' are related to the expressed through my Christian faith...

I Was Hungry
(C) 2012
(Matthew 25: 25-40)

Sometimes inspired by music that was, in turn, inspired by Scripture or spiritual teachings:

Back to the Garden (C) 2013
Inspired by the lyrics of
Joni Mitchell's "Woodstock"

Always Be Humble and Kind (C) 2016
Inspired by the lyrics of
"Humble and Kind" by Lori McKenna

Most of these have been small pieces (12" x 12" or 15" x 15" for example), but more recently I've worked in a larger way, creating this triptych (or series)...

Disintegration I: Attention
Disintegration II: Acknowledgment
Disintegration III: Optimism
(C) 2017
Inspired by Dr. P.M. Forni's book
Choosing Civility: The Twenty-fiveRules of Considerate Conduct

And, of course, this project...

Mark on the Body
Opening Reception, October, 2016

In some small way, I hope that the statements I make in my quilts will inspire thought, prayer, or some form of personal action that incorporates quiet resolve, humility, kindness and hope.

As Joni wrote...

We are stardust; we are golden...
and we've got to get ourselves back to the Garden.


Linda A. Miller said...

Enjoyed this post, Margaret! I like your wide ranging statements beautifully expressed through your artwork!

Kate said...

I read blogs to inspire and learn. I enjoy seeing how ideas are represented in fabric. I don't have to agree with the ideas being presented to enjoy the pieces.
Thanks for showing so many of your pieces.

Judy Warner said...

Love this post, Margaret. Your pieces always resonate with me. This post does too as I appreciate more and more that I only make an art quilt if it makes a statement to me...perhaps why my pieces are so long in the creation phase and relatively small in number. 😊