Sunday, July 31, 2016

Three Posts -- but Not Here

This weekend I created three blog posts -- but not here.

MOB I - thigh
First, I updated Mark on the Body for July 29.  The first section of this project -- MOB I -- is now in the home stretch, and you can read about that HERE.

Second, as part of my work as a Regional Co-Rep, I updated the SAQA Western Canada Blog to showcase one of our member's latest achievements.  You can read about Diane and the Alberta Society of Artists' touring exhibit HERE.

Heaven's Gate - detail
And third, I posted my contribution to the 15 x 15 Group's latest "Reveal"; this one's on the theme of "Architecture" and required the use of a stencil somewhere in the piece.  (You'll recall from my last post the challenge that presented for me!)

You can read about my piece and see and learn about all the wonderfully unique interpretations of this theme HERE.

As we move into August, I find myself with much to do...and more of the same.  I have a hankering to start something new, and as the next 15 x 15 Group theme has already been announced, I might just make a start on that -- with Scarlett O'Hara -- tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I'm linking this up with Nina Marie's Off the Wall Friday...and am going to enjoy some Sabbath time.  Have a good week!


elle said...

Happy Sabboth

Judy Warner said...

Read all your posts, Margaret. It is a bit overwhelming that MOB is reaching its culmination. A beautiful tribute to your husband. ......Glad that you are keeping up as Regional Co-Rep - amazing as always that you find the time.......Love the 15 x 15 group 'Reveal". You are very lucky that you are a member of such a talented group - the various interpretations are inspiring.
Have a fun weekend!

Anonymous said...

You've been keeping busy. Heaven's Gate is lovely. Enjoy the Sabbath.